Honey Salt! A Must-Try Vegas Restaurant



When I was home for the holidays, my best friend and her husband took me for one of the best brunches I’ve had at this adorable new restaurant called Honey Salt. It is tucked away in a little shopping plaza in Summerlin for those of you more familiar with the less touristy areas of Vegas. I loved so many things about this place from the simple but elegant design, to the impeccable attention to detail in their food, and of course, their family-based roots. If I were to ever open my own restaurant, these are exactly the things I would want to stand out to customers. And Honey Salt has really accomplished that. To anyone who lives in the area or visiting, go check this place out! It is a bit on the pricey side, but only because the ingredients and culinary skills are of the highest quality. It is well worth the price you pay.

IMAG0170 IMAG0169The shabby chic design and open kitchen in the back of the restaurant make you feel like you’re in a friend’s quaint farm-style vacation home. And I just love the long console table they have at the back where servers and kitchen staff put the final touches on all the dishes going out to tables. They are paying attention to every detail until the food reaches your table. And the service is excellent.

We started our morning with some delicious cocktails, including the jalapeno bloody mary, blood orange mimosa, and the Summerlin shandy, which was half beer, half house-made lemonade. I would definitely recommend the bloody mary if you like spicy! And the Summerlin shandy was so refreshing thanks to their delicious not-too-sweet lemonade.


Next, we ordered an XL monkey bread for the table because we just couldn’t resist. And believe me it is just as delicious as it looks! Especially the honey bourbon sauce oozing down the sides. I can only imagine what the rest of their baked goods taste like. I will certainly be back to try them in the future.


Finally, onto the brunch! I ordered the Grilled Barely Buzzed Cheddar Cheese, a truffle grilled cheese sandwich on homemade sourdough paired with the most amazing Tuscan bean soup topped with a drizzle of some sort of herbed oil. JUST DIVINE! There were GIANT chunks of truffles in my sandwich, so I would gladly pay $13 for this heavenly treat anyday. My friends ordered the weekend frittata and the Filet Mignon stacked slider, which were also delicious.


And I just love their hand-stamped brown paper placemats! All these adorable little details make me forget I’m in the middle of sin city and take me to a cozy little farm cottage that I would never want to leave.


Well now I’ve just made myself very hungry. I’ll be dreaming of honey salt for the rest of the afternoon. So if you’re in Vegas, do yourself a favor, and get over to this place ASAP.


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