Homemade Holiday Wreath


While I was home for Thanksgiving my mom wanted me to put together a holiday wreath for the front door. She had picked out all of the adornments and bought a plain pine wreath at Michael’s. I can’t take credit for the selection of decorations, but I thought I’d share with everyone. It was very easy and customizable to your own decorating preference! Would also be a great activity to do with kids.

What You’ll Need: (can find at Michael’s or JoAnn’s craft stores)

  • 1 unadorned wreath
  • green colored fastening wire
  • ~8-10 small to medium decorative items
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks

If you want to make a more modern wreath instead of pine, you can also buy plain metal wreath bases and add your own fabrics or materials to them to create the base of your wreath.

But for this one, I started with a simple pine wreath with some pre-attached pine cones:


My mom picked out some cute Christmas ornaments to put on it, including a plush snowman and metal bell that I added to the top and bottom as the focus pieces. I then added some silk flowers, assorted cranberry decorations, glittery floral pieces, and miniature pinecones. I attached each piece using the thin green wire,which I laced through the metal base of the wreath and twisted to fasten. I also hot glued each piece directly to the pine to create a secure hold.


Hang it on the door to bring Christmas joy to your friends and neighbors!!!



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